Client Testimonials

  • She is an amazing, very talented woman. Jacquie has many gifts she brings with her, on her continuing journey. I love that she understands what is needed and gives just that. I found my experience with her keeps giving back to me each evening. Thank you for the valuable tools that you left me with, it has helped me through so much. I'm very grateful for the healing hypnosis session. I'll be seeing you again.

    Robin Goebel
  • Jacquie is an amazing person inside and out - she is not only a friend of mine who I trust but she is also amazing at what she does - she is professional and truly cares about what she does and who she works with - hands down 5 out of 5 stars !!!

    Sabrina Cote-Brooks
  • What can I say about Jacquie, simply amazing human being. Her need to help others is admirable. I experienced hypnosis with her and it had me digging down deep within my soul to find my answers. Her voice while in hypnosis is so soothing and welcoming. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is searching to better themselves. Thank you Jacquie to the moon and back for helping me!

    Sheri Hoffman Details Studio
  • A hypnotherapy session with Jacquie is a completely calming and informative session. I have also learned I can be hypnotized very easily by listening to her calm voice. Jacquie is someone I trust fully and during the sessions it is quite easy to go deeper and deeper into relaxation. Jacquie is a very caring person and works with any obstacles you’re struggling with to help you to succeed. I will continue to be a long time client.

    Kim Baker
  • I had a fabulous experience during a hypnosis meditation by Jacquie. We did an exchange of services. It was so refreshing and relaxing to receive this gift from her. Her energy is uplifting and her ability to help me go within was absolutely amazing. I felt like I slept a solid 8 hours even though the session only lasted for 30 minutes. I highly recommend her services to everyone, you will be so glad you invested in yourself.

    Maureen Bandas

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