About Jacquie Balogh

About Jacquie Balogh

About Jacquie Balogh

I had long assumed that my intrinsic desire to dedicate my life to helping others would be satisfied with my chosen career in healthcare. Parts of it did live up to my expectations, but I became disillusioned with the process that many patients were treated with. Namely, what I saw as the band-aid solutions like talk therapies or drugs rather than efforts to get to the real root of problem.

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Giving Myself Up to the Universe

My choice in career began to weigh on me and led to somewhat of a crisis of conscience. As most people do in times of crisis, I hid deep inside myself, wary of continuing down my path, yet unsure where a divergent course would take me. I took to asking for my path in the universe and on a multitude of spiritual planes to show me the way forward, and as generally happens with people of earnest intentions, the Universe gave me the right answer to share the gift of helping people:

Transcendence Hypnosis

Changing Directions

I undertook to gain the status as a Personal Coach and then Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with Advanced Certifications and designation as a Trainer & Mentor, so I could work on solving the problems that traditional health care would only serve to treat with drugs or talk therapies. Later, I would become an author, writing a best seller that talks all about trauma release and reconnection to the deepest self.

Although I firmly believe hypnotherapy can help anyone, my special passion is to work with self-sabotage and trauma release related to the lived symptoms of those who suffer debilitating mental illnesses such as PTSD, PNES, Bipolar Disorder, obsessive/ compulsive and anxiety disorders, chronic fears and phobias, chronic pain and chronic and unhealthy habits, among many others.

My 3 Principles Include:

A Solution Focused Holistic Approach 

Overcome Coping – Move Into Symptom Management

Calm your mind and improve your overall health holistically

A New Target

I have designed my life and my practice to keep people motivated mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and to provide encouragement, positivity, laughter, education and a bit of fun in all our daily lives.

Jacquie works with anyone and everyone including those struggling with mental health concerns, survivors of Covid 19 (long haul) and Frontline Workers.

If YOU have a problem ~ YOU are your best solution

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Let’s Talk!

I believe in the power of the words “Let’s Talk”, for in them magic is created and hope is born!

And through those words, I seek to inspire and be the medium for people to create that powerful vision of change and restorative health for themselves in their lives and to bring about empowerment, positive body image and a balanced life/career. When your mind, body, soul and spirit are all working in alignment, the results you witness in your daily interactions with life will help you ascend to greater levels of happiness, contentedness and achievement than you ever thought possible.

So… Let’s Talk!

Experience the Curative Power of Holistic Healing

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