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About Jacquie Balogh

I have designed my life and my practice to keep people motivated mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and to provide encouragement, positivity, laughter, education and a bit of fun in all our daily lives.

I work with everything and anything is possible!

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Let’s Talk

I believe in the power of the words “Let’s Talk”, for in them magic is created and hope is born! And through those words, I seek to inspire and be the medium for people to create that powerful vision of change and restorative health for themselves in their lives and to bring about empowerment, positive body image and a balanced life/career. When your mind, body, soul and spirit are all working in alignment, the results you witness in your daily interactions with life will help you ascend to greater levels of happiness, contentedness and achievement than you ever thought possible.

So… Let’s Talk!

Why Transcendence?

Transcendence Hypnosis was borne of the pursuit of freedom…from the inflictions of your physical self upon your spiritual self, and your ability to pursue the life you want, on your terms. My main goal is to let my clients know that they are seen, they are heard, and they are validated and unique. The adjacent goal is to then alleviate individual suffering and open clients up to the simplicity of life, putting them on the path toward self-realization through their own thoughts and actions.

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What If?

Through my practice, I have had the profound privilege of being able to deeply connect with people on multidimensional levels. I have borne witness to often immediate and profound realizations of the ability of the self to heal through immersive hypnotherapy. Clients achieving the results that serve them in their lives only fuels the passion I have to help others answer their “What If?” with healing results that leads to their ultimate success story!

What is Hypnosis?

Disregard the notions of popular fantasy you may have about swinging pendulum watches or stage antics. Holistic hypnosis seeks to free you from the constraints your physical self places on your spiritual self to access its own powers of healing and achievement.

Out with the Old, In with the New

The professional hypnotherapist guides that ability you already possess, to make it work towards true holistic effects. I will guide you deeper into your self to clear out any perceptions or things you may have learned along the way including emotions, habits or beliefs that have stopped working towards your benefit, preventing you from moving in a desirable direction. We then work on creating positive, lasting changes; a sort of “Out with the Old, In with the New” scenario to cleanse your body, mind and soul from destructive forces which you never before had the ability to control.

How Hypnosis Helps

Hypnotherapy can help create real and lasting change in your life in many areas including:

Age Regression/Past Life Regression

Age Regression/Past Life Regression

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Worry and Panic Support

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Worry and Panic Support

Habit and Behaviour Support

Habit and Behaviour Support

Self-Improvement and Self-Love Support

Self-Improvement and Self-Love Support

Relationship Support

Relationship Support

Fear and Phobia Support

Fear and Phobia Support

Illness and Pain Management Support

Illness and Pain Management Support

Client Testimonials

  • Jacquie is an amazing person inside and out - she is not only a friend of mine who I trust but she is also amazing at what she does - she is professional and truly cares about what she does and who she works with - hands down 5 out of 5 stars !!!

    Sabrina Cote-Brooks
  • What can I say about Jacquie, simply amazing human being. Her need to help others is admirable. I experienced hypnosis with her and it had me digging down deep within my soul to find my answers. Her voice while in hypnosis is so soothing and welcoming. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is searching to better themselves. Thank you Jacquie to the moon and back for helping me!

    Sheri Hoffman Details Studio
  • A hypnotherapy session with Jacquie is a completely calming and informative session. I have also learned I can be hypnotized very easily by listening to her calm voice. Jacquie is someone I trust fully and during the sessions it is quite easy to go deeper and deeper into relaxation. Jacquie is a very caring person and works with any obstacles you’re struggling with to help you to succeed. I will continue to be a long time client.

    Kim Baker
  • I had a fabulous experience during a hypnosis meditation by Jacquie. We did an exchange of services. It was so refreshing and relaxing to receive this gift from her. Her energy is uplifting and her ability to help me go within was absolutely amazing. I felt like I slept a solid 8 hours even though the session only lasted for 30 minutes. I highly recommend her services to everyone, you will be so glad you invested in yourself.

    Maureen Bandas
  • Jacquie’s sessions are so powerful and deep that I cannot describe in words what she does—you just have to experience it for yourself. Whether you need physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual healing, Jacquie guides you to the higher realms of the mind so you can shift and heal on all levels and integrate it all into your daily life with peace and ease. With Jacquie, “Shift Happens,” and almost immediately!

    Cheryl Tessari
  • As we progress with sessions, we are able to identify the underlying issues that aren't typically apparent through traditional medical or psychotherapy methods. I am grateful to be able to work with Jacquie through hypnosis to address deeper issues that have contributed to anxiety, frustration, anger and dissatisfaction in my life and held me back with my own personal and spiritual growth. Thanks Jacquie, for your generous manner and creating a safe environment for healing.

    Tracy Roy
  • I really enjoyed all the areas of my emotional, spiritual and soul clearing. It was so emotional but well necessary. When I opened my eyes after my session, they had a new flicker of happiness. I feel so connected to who I am even now several days after the session and I am so excited to see how my new outlook attracts goodness into my life. I feel lighter and happier. Many thanks Jacquie. My suggestion to others who are curious; just do it!

    Celeste Faucher
  • I feel like the beauty of this experience is that it is very much you taking back control for yourself and doing the work with Jacquie's calming, gentle voice to guide you on your hypnotic journey. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone. If you have struggled with the decision to try hypnosis, worry no more. Allow Jacquie the opportunity to show just how amazing and life-changing this experience can be for you.

    DeLis Roper
  • I was a little hesitant about hypnosis. A lot that I had heard was a little scary...  AND nothing could be further from the truth! I loved the entire experience with Jacquie. From the moment we started the session she was very open and up front about how things work and what her role was. I never once felt pressured... In fact, I had complete control of my own experience. After the session, there was a lot to process but it didn't feel like work. My mind and body just seemed to make the shifts... and I had energy. I HIGHLY recommend EVERYONE to book with Jacquie.

    Jana Jones Goodrich
  • It felt like my body, mind and spirit was getting a tune up and like my settings were being optimized. I highly recommend everyone have this experience. Jacquie is very friendly and professional so you will enjoy working with her but, most importantly, you will get results!

    Amiee Baker

    What an excellent experience! I wasn't sure what I would think of taking the training online but I have to say I LOVE IT! Jacquie is encouraging and knows her stuff! Her experience and stories are relevant to the training. She is open and generous with suggestions of how to use what we are learning for ourselves and to build a business. I HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone who is wanting to break into hypnosis for self or others.

    Patricia Meier
  • SIMPSON PROTOCOL STUDENT: Jacquie’s openness to share her experiences with her past sessions really helped my mind to understand how to get comfortable trusting myself. She was able to guide us through and instill confidence and the independence to make each session our own right from the first practice.

    Sarah Clemens
  • Jacquie has a wealth of varied experience and is the premier practitioner of the new and powerful Simpson Protocol method developed by internationally renowned hypnotherapist Ines Simpson. Plus she does her helping online for maximum convenience for all who need help no matter where they are.

    Mike Hulme Powerhouse Local Marketing
  • She is an expert in helping people with traumas.
    Peter Bohme Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Jacquie is AMAZING!!! She has successfully hypnotized me where NO OTHER ever has! Not even the professionals like Raveen!!!! I am so amazed at Jacquie's talents! You really have to check her out! So WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????

    Linda Boston
  • Jacquie is truly a hidden gem. She is authentic, patient, giving and supportive. As a practitioner, she has facilitated healing shifts in me on stubborn issues that I never thought possible. She also helped me to navigate through a very difficult time. As a teacher and a mentor, she brings everything to the table and gives it all. She really goes above and beyond. It is a special gift to now be able to help others as she has helped me. I highly recommend any of her services.

    Nicole Bourgeois

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